Machines for Metallic Material

Models from the metal press series. You can choose from an extensive range of briquetting machines and formats.


Strong Performance
According to demand the hydraulic power unites of a RUF briquetting system produce a specific pressure of up to 5000 kg/cm².  

High efficiency
Briquetting has a rather pleasant and economical side effect: valuable cutting fluid is extracted and reclaimed from moist metal shavings and sludges, ready for reuse after a treatment process. Therefor the consumption of expensive cutting fluid is reduced whilst at the same time the costly disposal of wet chips and sludges is kept to a minimum. Melting down briquettes, compared to loose shavings and chips, the burn-up is significantly lower resulting in a higher melting yield.

Perfect adaption
Briquetting metals you can choose between sizes from 60x40mm to 150x120mm. The length of the briquette may vary within the given parameters. The choice of the briquette format depends on the required throughput as well as the quality of the source material and its bulk density.

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