Custom-made briquette presses for a wide range of industries

The areas of use of briquetting machines are diverse. RUF briquette presses compact countless different organic and inorganic chips.

Companies with machining procedures, automotive industry, foundries, recycling companies

Briquetting, de-oiling and de-watering in one – with briquetting, any type of metal chips that result from steel production, come from foundries or are produced in the metalworking industry can be turned into valuable and profitable secondary raw materials. We offer individually-tailored briquetting solutions for aluminium, grinding swarf, steel, brass, copper and many other metals.

The benefits for you:

  • Low melting loss
  • Higher smelting yield
  • Recovery of expensive cooling lubricants
  • Greater yield from precious metals
  • Disposal of toxic grinding swarf

Wood processing industry, furniture manufacturers, service providers in the forestry industry, recycling companies

Wood shavings, wood chips, bark, sawdust or wood dust: our briquetting systems from the RUF LIGNUM series process all types of wood residues into pure briquettes of consistently high quality and density – without the use of any binding agents. As a valuable source of energy, RUF briquettes actually have a higher utilisable value and an optimum CO2 balance.

The benefits for you:

  • Natural fuel
  • Longer burning time (in comparison to firewood)
  • Energy content approx. 5.0 kWh/kg
  • CO2-neutral fuel
  • Conforms to DIN EN ISO 17225-3

Service providers in the forestry industry, agriculture

Biomass is becoming increasingly important among the various sources of renewable energy. Most organic materials, including peat, hay, horse manure and miscanthus (elephant grass), can be made into compact, natural briquettes with our RUF briquette presses.

The benefits for you:

  • No addition of binding agents required
  • Excellent calorific value as a fuel
  • Higher revenues from the sale of briquettes
  • Low-cost animal feed production in agriculture
  • Reduced risk of explosion thanks to briquetting

Recycling companies, industrial waste, special applications, etc.

From cotton through to polystyrene – the opportunities to use briquetting are manifold. Volume reduction can offer an economic or sustainable benefit for applications in a diverse range of areas.

RUF offer individual briquetting solutions for a wide variety of materials:

  • Paper & cardboard
  • Textile waste / cotton
  • Polyurethane (PU) from fridge recycling
  • Sewage sludge
  • Swarf
  • and many more