Renting RUF briquette presses Test our machines

Would you like to test out one of our briquette presses in your own production environment? You can rent a briquette press from us which will allow you to carry out pressing tests in your facilities under real conditions. If you rent a briquette press, you will be able to test several quantities of chips and test out our machine under actual production conditions. You can then investigate the sales opportunities and market value of the briquettes produced.

The rental period is usually a maximum of four weeks. Feel free to ask about longer rental periods, which can be arranged on an individual basis.

Advantages of renting a press:

  • Test pressing under real conditions in your own production environment
  • Test period of up to four weeks
  • A chance to identify the value of your briquettes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we rent a press? What does it cost to rent a press?

For a maximum rental period of 4 weeks, a briquette press can be rented for test purposes. This allows you to test the machine in your own production environment. Longer rental periods may be arranged on an individual basis in specific cases.

Do you have any machines that we can view for reference purposes?

We will be happy to check whether there are any machines in your area that you can view for reference purposes.

Do you have any used machines available?

We occasionally have used machines in stock. After an overhaul and repair, we offer them for sale. If we have any used machines available, we would be happy to quote you a price.