Free and non-binding test pressing

In our Technical Centre, we can offer you a free and non-binding test pressing of your material. A pressing test forms the basis for customising our briquetting machines to your material and to your requirements, and provides a diverse range of results.

  • Can your material be made into briquettes?
  • What are the options for material feed?
  • What throughput can be achieved?
  • What briquette density and degree of compaction are achieved?
  • Were there any particular issues, such as warming, dust development, etc.?
  • Are machine options needed?
  • Will you need to crush the chips before briquetting?
  • How much cooling lubricant can be recovered?


The pressing test data is taken into account in the design of the briquette press and when drawing up a binding quote. Moreover, in addition to a detailed pressing report, you can on request also be provided with the briquettes that were produced. The sample briquettes can be used to conduct burning or smelting tests and to research their market value.

At your request, you can also be present at the test pressing and can get advice from our experts on our premises.

Request a free test pressing now

We have already conducted more than 10,000 pressing tests in our Technical Centre. Take advantage of our offer of a free and non-binding test pressing! Simply fill in the form below and return it to us by e-mail. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How is a test pressing done? Is it done free of charge?

Test pressing is done free of charge and without any obligation on your part, and is carried out in our Technical Centre using your own material. At your request, you can be present at the test pressing. The results are important for the choice of the briquetting machine – for example, briquette thickness, residual moisture, durability to withstand handling, the amount of cooling lubricants recovered, etc. The procedure: Here.

Do you have any machines that we can view for reference purposes?

We will be happy to check whether there are any machines in your area that you can view for reference purposes.

Can we be present at the pressing test?

At your request, you can be present at the test pressing in our Technical Centre and you can get advice from our experts. Furthermore, you will receive a detailed pressing report and will be given the briquettes made during the test pressing.