Aluminium presses

Aluminium presses for various different throughputs

The briquetting of aluminium chips with the RUF aluminium press creates briquettes that can then be sold on at a profit. As long as 35 years ago, RUF specialised in developing hydraulic briquette presses and now develops tailor-made briquetting solutions in accordance with specific customer requirements, above all in the field of aluminium recycling. Our briquetting press for metal chips can be directly incorporated into existing production processes and is designed for fully automatic 24-hour operation.

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  • Significant reduction in volume reduces transport costs
  • Defined scrap quality
  • Increased revenues from briquettes
  • Recovery of expensive cooling lubricants
  • Cleanliness at the workplace
  • Reduced melting loss when re-melting
  • Low maintenance costs & long service life

Briquetting aluminium chips efficiently

The high-quality, dense briquettes, which have a defined residual moisture, offer better opportunities for marketing than loose chips. There is also a profitable side effect to briquetting aluminium chips – cooling lubricants that adhere to the chips are efficiently recovered by our aluminium press. These cooling lubricants can then be reused after appropriate treatment.

Depending on customer requirements, we offer aluminium presses for throughputs between 30 and 2,400 kg per hour. The required throughput will have an influence on the choice of the briquette format.

Overview aluminium presses

PerformanceRAPRUF 4-11RUF 11-22RUF 18,5-55RUF 75-90
Max. throughput rate (kg/h) Aluminium30-5060-300130-700300-1.600900-2.400
Max. throughput rate (kg/h) Brass, bronze, cooper50-100100-220150-1.150450-2.7003.000-5.000
Max. throughput rate (kg/h) Magnesium2040-5060-155100-550730-950
Max. throughput rate (kg/h) Steel & Castings30-80100-200200-850350-2.8002.300-3.000
Max. throughput rate (kg/h) Titan20-5065-130140-550300-1.000800-1.600
Power (kW)44, 5,5, 1111, 15, 2218,5, 30, 5575, 90
spec. Pressure, max. (kg/cm²)1.600-3.800600 - 3.7001.700 - 5.0001.700 - 5.0002.500 - 3.900
briquette formats (mm)60x40, 60x60, 80x4060x40, 60x60, Ø60, Ø80150x60, 150x75, 150x120, Ø60, Ø70, Ø80, Ø100150x75, 150x120, Ø80, Ø100, Ø120Ø120, Ø150
Size (m) Lenght x Width x Hightca. 1,3x1,0x1,61,3 x 1,5 x 1,9 bis 1,6 x 1,6 x 1,95ca. 2,7 x 2 x 2,2ca. 2,9 x 2,4 x 2,2ca. 3,8 x 3,8 x 2,5
ca. weight (t)11,4 - 1,8 t3,3 x 3,9 t4,6 - 6,5 t12 t

Reserve technical changes - Throughput rates depend on the source material

Your contacts

Roland Ruf Managing Director

More than 15 years in the company, managing director for more than 10 years

Wolfgang Ruf Managing Director

More than 30 years in the company, managing director for more than 10 years

Andreas Jessberger Sales management

More than 15 years experience in briquetting at RUF

Bernd Ellenrieder Sales Management

More than 15 years experience in briquetting at RUF

Berthold Golsner Sales & IT

More than 20 years experience in briquetting at RUF

Jens Wöllenweber Sales force

15 years sales experience, more than 5 years at RUF

Manuel Schmid Sales & project management

More than 8 years experience in briquetting at RUF

Witali Helmut Technical manager & sales

More than 25 years experience in briquetting at RUF


Rita Behringer Sales & logistic

More than 15 years experience in briquetting at RUF

Stefan Schulz Sales & project management

15 years sales experience, more than 2 years at RUF


Tanja Miller Rental & pressing tests

More than 12 years experience in briquetting at RUF

Carina Gebler Marketing & technical documentation

5 years professional experience in marketing

Nico Nuscheler Marketing & technical documentation

3 years professional experience in marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for producing briquettes?

In general, almost all materials can be made into briquettes. However, the chip particles should not be bigger than 50mm. The chips should not contain any impurities. For Wood & Biomass the moisture content should be less than 12 % (max 15 %).

How do I find the right briquetting machine?

We have many years of experience in briquetting which means that our experts are well-qualified to provide you with professional advice in choosing the right briquette press. We work with you to identify your individual requirements on the basis of the material in question and the production conditions. This then allows us to offer you custom-made briquetting machines or even complete briquetting solutions.

How do I get my chips into the briquetting machine?

In addition to our briquette presses, we also offer additional peripheral equipment, such as conveyors, silos or chip hoppers. These allow the material flow of your chips to be optimised, and RUF peripheral devices can also be used to enable the briquetting of your chips to be fully-automated. Your briquette press will always be individually custom-made in accordance with your specific requirements.