RUF Briquetting Systems is proud to announce the friendly acquisition of C.F. Nielsen A/S of Baelum, Denmark.

RUF is the world leading manufacturer of hydraulic briquetting presses and C.F. Nielsen is the world leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses. Together the two companies will master all important briquetting technologies. The cooperation, synergies, continuous development and marketing efforts will be of great benefit to our customers and partners all over the world. 

The two companies continue to operate as independent companies as well as the management of C.F. Nielsen will carry on. The location and site remain unchanged. Ruf continues to employ all employees in Baelum, Denmark. The well-established brands, RUF Briquetting Systems and C.F. Nielsen A/S, remain in force, but the know-how will be combined to the benefit of the customers.


About C.F. Nielsen:

Established in 1889 in Baelum, Denmark C.F. Nielsen is recognized as the world leading in mechanical briquetting presses, a position that has been created through more than 70 years of experience developing, producing and selling high quality mechanical briquetting presses. C.F. Nielsen deliver briquetting solutions from 200 kg/h and upwards to plants with more than 100.000 tons capacity of briquettes per year. Lately the company has added extrusion briquetting technology to its product program.


About RUF:

Hans Ruf founded RUF Briquetting Systems, located in Zaisertshofen, Bavaria, in 1969. Today his sons Roland and Wolfgang run the company. More than 100 employees develop and produce briquetting systems & solutions on a modular basis suitable to make briquettes from wood, metal and other residual materials. The smallest unit features a 4kW motor and a throughput rate of 20 to 150 kg per hour (depending on material and chips size). The biggest unit featuring a 90 kW motor achieves a throughput rate of up to 4,800kg per hour (depending on the material). Back in 1985 RUF produced its first briquetting press and sold it to a wood machining firm. It is still in working order, proof perfect for the solid construction of RUF machines. In the meantime, more than 4,500 briquetting systems have been installed successfully in more than 100 countries.