RUF Maschinenbau at EMO 2023 (Hall 6, booth G14)

Generating and briquetting chips

When the Who’s Who of the metalworking world come together at EMO Hannover in September 2023, this will not only be about “generating” chips, but how they can be recycled. A world market leader in hydraulic briquetting systems, RUF Maschinenbau at its booth G14 in Hall 6 will be demonstrating on its example RUF 22 how metalworking companies can extract profits from their debris and maximise the potential of their resources.

Recent years have witnessed a considerable boost to an awareness of the environment and the protection of resources. Today, there are scarcely any among the metalworking companies that see their milling, turning, drilling, and grinding debris as problematic waste. Instead, they are becoming increasingly aware of the value represented by these chips of steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, etc. To maximise this, they must employ high-quality briquetting systems like those manufactured by RUF Maschinenbau GmbH of Zaisertshofen.

On an example RUF 22/3000/80, this company will be presenting at its EMO booth G14 in Hall 6 how easily and quickly these hydraulic machines can compress the various chip materials into compact briquettes. Fitted with a 22 kW motor, the RUF 22 applies a specific pressure of 3000 kilograms per square centimetre to generate circular briquettes of 80 mm diameter. Capacities vary with the material and its consistency. For aluminium chips, it ranges from 270 to 310 kilograms an hour. Copper is briquetted at a rate as high as 960 kilograms an hour.

The unvarying result is a compact briquette approaching the density of solid material. In addition, the residual moisture content often carried by the input chips is reduced to under 2%, so the briquettes are ideal for melting with maximised yield. Also the extruded coolant can frequently be reintroduced to the machine tools. Twice the benefits when seen in sustainability and economy terms.

RUF at EMO 2003: Hall 6, booth G14

B01_RUF_EMO 2023 RUF Maschinenbau at EMO 2023 (Hall 6, booth G14) will be demonstrating its RUF 22/3000/80 briquetting system. It compresses bulk metal chips into high-density briquettes. Images: RUF Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG