RUF invests seven-digit sum in production

NEW: Laser cutter, five-axis machining centre, and more

RUF Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG of Zaisertshofen is constantly raising the productivity of its innovative briquetting systems. The same goes for its inhouse production processes, where energy consumption is sinking on a permanent basis. To these ends, and to augment the ergonomics of its working environment, RUF invests regularly in its machine pool.

Alone in 2022/2023, this company ploughed about one and a half million euros in over a dozen separate minor and major projects. This included, for instance, the purchase of a complex five-axis Hedelius machining centre featuring an external magazine for 240 attachments. Aided by these modern machines, the cutting specialists can now produce a great many components in the one fixture, enhancing workpiece precision, cutting retooling times, and, ultimately, shortening workcycles.

Equally important are the benefits offered by a new LVD flatbad fibre laser cutter, involved for some time now in processing sheet metal. It has proved far superior to the previous, CO2 laser cutter in a number of points. It consumes considerably less electricity and gas, for greater cost efficiency and benefit to the environment. Moreover, the fibre laser is essentially faster, by more than twenty times in some cases. And to boot: maintenance is fast and simple.

The new Cloos welding robot also promotes productivity. This tailored system is the optimal solution for the RUF production requirements and features high-speed axes for short cycle times. And health and safety at work also benefits from the lean, rounded product design and modern safety installations.

Yet not only major, also minor investments help to enhance economy, ergonomics, and health and safety at RUF. Here two examples: In 2023, the management approved the purchase of several Abus cranes and Toyota electric high-lift trucks, for greater speed, reliability, and convenience in the flow of materials.

Major and minor investments enhance the productivity, precision, and ergonomics of RUF processes on a permanent basis. Alone 2022/2023 witnessed the purchase of a new five-axis machining centre (B01a), a fibre laser cutter (B01b), a welding robot, diverse cranes, and electric high-lift trucks, to name but a few. Images: RUF Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG