100% CO2 neutral production

RUF has been focusing on sustainability for a long time. If you look at our product, the briquetting press, it contributes worldwide to the sustainable handling of waste materials from production in both, the wood and metal sectors. This means that waste products can be given added value again through briquetting. 
In addition, we have succeeded in reducing and offsetting our CO2 emissions through various internal projects and measures.

8,800 m² of solar panels on the roof of our site enable us to generate most of our electricity ourselves. In combination with our in-company cogeneration unit, this means we produce more ecological energy than we can use ourselves. Thanks to these and other internal measures, our production runs 100% CO2-neutral.

We have also been able to steadily reduce our energy consumption in recent years through numerous measures and renovations at our site in Zaisertshofen. 
In 2019, we also participated for the first time in the CO2 compensation scheme of atmosfair. Through our contribution to climate protection, we were able to successfully offset CO2 that was generated by flights during business trips. 
In total, we are able to save about 1,100 tons of CO2 per year and to produce 100% CO2-neutral.