RUF after-sales service Fast. Reliable. Flexible.

Even after the purchase of your briquetting machine, RUF will still be your reliable partner. As soon as your custom-made briquette press leaves our factory, we offer our customers an all-round service package, from commissioning through to maintenance.


Commissioning your briquette press

We commission your briquette press on your production site and set up the machine using precisely the material you will be utilising. Our experts train your staff in order to ensure the long-term reliable and safe operation of your briquetting machine.


Thanks to our enormous spare parts warehouse, you will benefit from the availability of individual parts for many years to come. Our internal construction and parts production departments can provide all of the parts manufactured in-house for all of the RUF systems produced to date – even for machines that have been in use for more than 25 years! You can minimise downtime thanks to the high degree of flexibility we offer and our extensive spare parts warehouse. Furthermore, our service engineers are available almost worldwide. We will be happy to provide you with information on the advantages of individually tailored maintenance agreements which guarantee additional operational reliability and a long service life.

Overhauling your equipment

Is your RUF briquetting machine still keeping its quality promise after many years of use? In order to ensure that you remain satisfied, as well as the replacement of worn parts, we can also offer you a complete general overhaul of your briquette press.

Replacing old equipment

Is the capacity of your briquetting machine no longer sufficient for your needs? No problem, we can buy back your used machinery or take it in part exchange for a new briquetting machine with a higher throughput.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the service life of a machine?

RUF briquette presses are very robust and are known for having a low level of wear and tear. Some of our systems have been in use for more than 25 years. 

What level of maintenance costs can I expect?

RUF briquetting machines are an attractive proposition for customers because of their low level of wear and tear and their robustness. Maintenance costs are very low, but depend on the material used. If parts subject to wear need to be replaced, they can be ordered directly from our spare parts warehouse. Our service engineers are available for support all over the world. As well as replacing worn parts, we can also offer a complete general overhaul of your system and will be happy to advise you on the advantages of our individually-tailored maintenance contracts.

Where and how can we obtain spare parts?

RUF has a very extensive spare parts warehouse. All of the parts made in-house for all of the RUF briquette presses produced to date are available in our own in-house construction and parts production departments. You will therefore benefit from many years of availability of spare parts. You can place your orders for spare parts at