A look at top-quality wood briquettes

The wood experts at Reuss are very happy with their RUF briquetting equipment

Nowadays, wood briquettes are a popular source of fuel - but only as long as the quality is good. The people at Reuss are well aware of this fact from their long experience in the wood business, so their briquettes are made only from dry wood shavings using high-quality briquetting equipment from Ruf GmbH & Co. KG.

Reuss Holzverarbeitung, -recycling und Energieholz GmbH, Eisenach, …

... was founded as a family concern in 1946. Since 1980 the business has been run by owner - and son of the founder - Georg Reuss. With over 100 employees, the company handles more than a million tonnes of wood every year. Its main activity is the logistical management of wood fuel, but it also recycles scrap lumber and, as certified specialists in the disposal of waste timber, it can handle contaminated A4 wood. Since 2000 the family firm has also been turning hardwood shavings into briquettes, an area which the company plans to expand over the next few years.

The Reuss family have always been involved in wood. Their company of the same name (see box) looks after the whole logistics chain for both fuel wood and scrap lumber. As certified specialists in the disposal of waste timber, they can also handle contaminated A4 wood. And over the last ten years, Reuss has developed another mainstay of its business: the processing of wood shavings. The company's CEO, Georg Reuss, explains: "In the past we used to collect shavings from sawmills and transport them to another company nearby. We bought our first two RUF briquetting machines from this company when it went bankrupt in the 1990s, and we installed this equipment in Eisenach. So to all intents and purposes that was the start of our briquette manufacturing business."

Now Reuss has five briquetting presses of different sizes producing briquettes almost 24 hours a day. And they are all RUF machines. This decision to buy from the specialists in Zaisertshofen was heavily influenced by RUF's focus on top quality and its extensive expertise in this area. Georg Reuss also values the excellent personal service which he has received from the Ruf family firm right from the start. He looks back at his first contact with the company's senior partner, Hans Ruf: "Shortly after we bought our first machines in 2000 in the insolvency sale, Hans Ruf got in touch to check that everything was OK. At the same time he put us in touch with our first customers, who still buy our briquettes today."