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Video shoot with Metal Works on our press tests at RUF Maschinenbau

Recently we were able to welcome a camera team from the media platform Metal Works TV to our premises in Zaisertshofen. The background to this was an editorial video about our test pressings, which we offer free of charge and without obligation to potential new customers in our specially designed technical center. The resulting article sheds light on the procedure and processes of a pressing test, both for wood and metal.

Wood, metals and almost all organic and inorganic materials can be pressed at RUF. The test pressing is used as the basis for selecting a RUF briquetting system that is suitable for the customer. For this purpose, the starting material provided by the customer is weighed and measured. Each of these details is documented in order to be able to give the customer a detailed report after the test pressing. This shows, for example, which pressure was used for briquetting or which RUF machine was used. Based on this information, the sales department can create an individual offer for one of our briquetting systems.


The following details are tested during the test pressing:

  • Can the starting material be briquetted?
  • What options are there for supplying materials?
  • What throughput can be achieved?
  • What briquette density and degree of compaction is achieved?
  • Are there any special features such as heating, dust formation, etc.?
  • Are machine options required?
  • Is prior shredding necessary?
  • How much cooling lubricant can be recovered?


After the test pressing, the resulting briquette samples can be used, for example, for melting or burning tests and for researching the market value. On request, the briquette and emulsion samples can be sent to an analysis laboratory.
On our YouTube Kanal  you will find several videos on pressing test of a wide variety of materials, which we have accompanied with the camera.

Arrange a free test pressing here, which you are welcome to attend in person:

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