From Experience

  • Ortinger EN.pdfBriquettes from ”roundwood” residues/ Bioenergy international, Dec. 20161.0 M
  • Zollner.pdfCompressed and free of cooling lubricant516 K
  • Schreder SZ1.pdfWood shavings become coveted heating material493 K
  • GFC.pdfExpensive cooling lubricants pressed from sludge and millings605 K
  • ROBETA.pdfArticle in Bioenergy Insight, July/August 2013212 K
  • GLEICH 01.pdfSignificant increase in the value of aluminium swarf thanks to briquetting process448 K
  • KONOLT 01.pdfKonold manages its energy output using RUF briquetting machinery623 K
  • MAN DIESEL.pdfEngine part production department of MAN Diesel improves its productivity174 K
  • OTT 01.pdfRecovering oil from grinding sludge150 K
  • REUSS 01.pdfA look at top-quality wood briquettes281 K
  • TRUMPF 01.pdfFrom high-volume aluminium swarf to compact briquettes413 K
  • ReCovery 2012 06.pdfWood and metal / Ruf Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG595 K
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