Ruf is a manufacturer of briquetting presses and world market leader in this field! 


Loose materials can be pressed into solid briquettes using a RUF briquetting system.

Our briquetting systems are used in a wide variety of sectors. They can press metals (such as aluminium and steel), wood and numerous other residual materials. Just as the materials which can be pressed are diverse, the advantages are also just as diverse!

More than 4,500 briquetters sold in over 100 countries make us the world market leader for hydraulic briquetting systems. At our site in Zaisertshofen in Bavaria which is over 10,000 m² we manufacture products for you which are “made in Germany”. On top of that, as a one-stop supplier, we will be at your side from planning, manufacturing and commissioning through servicing.

RUF briquetting presses are designed for continuous, heavy-duty use and are characterised by their long service life and low level of wear. They can be integrated into existing production plants and used in fully-automatic 24-hour operation.

We can run a test for your application with a free-of-charge and non-binding briquetting test at our factory or by you using a RUF rental press at yours.

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Why pressing residues to briquettes?

Thanks to a briquetting press, you can recycle residues and wastes and press them to compact briquettes. Furthermore, briquettes have a higher value than loose material, which allows you to achieve a higher revenue. You save storage costs and transport costs. Due to all these advantages, briquettes are more environmentally-friendly than loose chips.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Volume reduction
  • Less storage space requirements
  • Less transport capacities necessary


Advantages wood briquettes:

  • High-density heating material: burns significantly longer and produces less ash


Advantages metal briquettes:

  • Draining of water and oil from the chips
  • Defined scrap, therefore, it is possible to generate higher revenues with scrap materials
  • Recovery of expensive cooling lubricants
  • Improved melting behaviour due to low smelting losses



Can I test RUF briquetting presses?

You have the following possibilities to test a RUF briquetting press:

1. We arrange an inspection in a refence company.

2. We can also test the application for your own company with a leased RUF pressed, of course.

3. We offer you to get an impression of the final product, which would be developed in your company, yourselves. A non-binding trial pressing with your material free of charge is particularly suited for this purpose.

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Briquetting Experts on LIGNA 2019

Briquetting Experts RUF and C.F. Nielsen together on LIGNA 2019 in Hall 25, Booth J49



INTEC 2019

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Over 4,500 briquetting systems sold

"The briquetting system works completely without problems and had already amortised itself after two years.”  

Markus Weber

Production Leader GFC AntriebsSysteme GmbH, Germany 

„The machine works reliably and my customers exclusively want RUF briquettes because they appreciate their quality.“

Tobias Mayerhofer
Owner of Ortinger e. K., Germany

"We are thoroughly satisfied with this equipment and are considering an expansion of its use."

 Johann Dietl

Head of CNC manufacturing at Zollner, Germany

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