Innovation with Tradition

From family business to global market leader

1969 Hans Ruf founds a company providing services to the forestry industry
1982 The first press for producing briquettes from organic waste was granted a patent
1988 The first press for metals was sold
1990 The original company was converted into Ruf Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
1994 A production hall of 1700 m² was built to manufacture briquetting machinery to process wood, metals & other waste materials
1997 Series production of briquetting machinery for small-scale processing was started
1998 This year marked the delivery of 500 briquetting units to over 56 countries
2003 New office buildings, manufacturing halls and warehouses were built
2005 Addition of two production halls
2008 Expansion of the production space to a total of 10,000 m²
2012 3000 briquetting machines have now been sold; RUF equipment is installed in over 100 countries
2014 Construction of a new production hall
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