Valuable Recycling Technology

Briquettes make an economically and ecologically valuable contribution to your corporate environmental management system. Multifunctional RUF briquetting equipment is distinguished by its innovative processing technique – the crucial requirement necessary for converting metallic residues into valuable secondary raw materials. The energy required for briquetting is just a small fraction of the amount that can be saved in follow-up costs. 

Examples: aluminium, steel, castings, grinding sludge, brass, copper, bronze, titanium, zinc, magnesiun
Beispiele: Aluminium, Stahl, Guss, Schleifschlamm, Messing, Kupfer, Bronze, Titan, Zink, Magnesium

Metal shavings, swarf and sludges which are produced in steelmaking, in foundries or in the metal-working industry can be profitably reclaimed. RUF machines take care of the complete process of draining off water, de-oiling and briquetting.

Benefits of briquettes over chips:

  • reclaim expensive cutting fluid
  • higher melting yield
  • greater yield of valuable metal 
  • significant volume reduction    
  • considerable savings in storage and transportation costs
  • higher profits thanks to briquettes
  • positive evaluation in environmental audits
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