Added value through briquetting

When residues are returned to the production process or further processed, it is not only the environment that benefits. RUF briquette presses allow metal, aluminium and wood chips, as well as grinding swarf, biomass and many other residual materials to be compacted into high-quality briquettes – the ideal alternative to the expensive disposal of production residues.

Advantages of briquetting

  • Reduction in volume
  • Saves space, time and costs for handling, storage and transport
  • Lower disposal costs
  • Lower staff costs
  • Higher revenues from the sale of briquettes
  • Recovery of expensive cooling lubricants when briquetting metal and aluminium chips
  • Higher smelting yield
  • Defined qualities
  • Cleanliness at the workplace

Volume reduction

Increased revenues from the sale of briquettes

Reduce logistics expenditure

Minimise disposal costs

Environmentally friendly

RUF briquette presses: maximum benefit, minimal expense.

Get the maximum benefit from your residues. The expense is minimal with a custom-made briquette press from RUF:

  • Simple assembly: Plug & Press
  • Energy-saving operation
  • Low level of wear and tear
  • Low susceptibility to breakdown
  • Fully-automatic 24-hour operation possible
  • Direct incorporation into existing production processes
  • Compact method of construction
  • Low consumption of electricity in relation to briquetting performance

Furthermore, RUF sees itself as a full service provider and reliable partner for all aspects of briquetting. Our experts will be available to offer you support in person – from planning, assembly and commissioning right up to maintenance and servicing. Make use of our offer of a free and non-binding test pressing and experience for yourself the quality and profitability of our briquette presses!


Chip processing - Advantages of the briquetting of metal chips More effective chip processing through briquette presses

Markus Weber Production Leader GFC AntriebsSysteme GmbH, Germany

"The briquetting system works completely without problems and had already amortised itself after two years.”  

Patrick Groth Foundry manager at HMT Höfer Metall Technik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

“The RUF machines have been working very reliably since their commissioning. They are well-engineered and highly recommendable.”