Creating added value.


"RUF machines create added value and sustainable profit." Hans Ruf, Company Founder

The value of residues such as wood, metal shavings, swarfs and sludges, biomass, paper, textiles or styrofoam can be raised significantly by briquetting. RUF hydraulic briquetting systems are designed to compact loose material and turn them into a form that can easily be stacked and recycled: the ideal alternative to costly disposal of production residues!

Briquette. Save money. Gain benefits.

  • save space, time and costs for handling, storage and transportation
  • save on the purchase of raw materials, minimise disposal costs and ultimately reduce personnel costs
  • enjoy a significant, quantifiable gain since briquettes also command a higher price and are much more marketable

Video RUF Briquetting

We want your company to profit as much from sustainability as our environment. RUF briquetting systems offer a great deal of benefits.

We are happy to advise you how to

  • create more benefit from residues
  • save costs
  • increase revenue

Strong performance
With the purchase of a RUF briquetting system you invest without a risk. We offer non-committal tests to check the requirements of your materials in our Technikum.

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