Machines for Organic Material

Model from the wood press series. You can choose from an extensive range of briquetting machines and formats.


The perfect machine for each organic material
Our presses can process different wood residues as well as biomass maintaining the same quality and density – from fine dust and shavings to rough wood chips. In addition, other organic substances such as miscanthus, straw and cotton can be compressed to handy briquettes of various shapes, taken that the water content of the material is below 15%.

The right format for every request
No matter if you prefer the traditional square format or any of our innovative shapes and sizes, RUF quality is always the best choice on the market. With regards to biomass you can choose between briquett formats from 150x60mm to 260x100mm. The length of the briquettes may vary within the given parameters. All square briquettes can be stapled without any waste of space and packed ready for shipment.

Our briquette presses for wood have a throughput of between 60 and 1,500 kg per hour.
Do you produce less shaving? Then we have developed a briquette system specially for throughput between 30 and 60 kg per hour! -> Our SZ1+ model

It would be our pleasure to carry out a briquetting test with your materials in our technical centre. This briquetting test would be free-of-charge and non-binding!





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